Welcome to The Venue on Hunter, where team building meets creativity and fun!


Corporate team colleagues, Small local businesses, networking groups, and friend groups.
Join us for an unforgettable team-building experience that combines interactive workshops, coaching, challenges, and a relaxed atmosphere to foster connection and growth.

The Experience

At The Venue on Hunter, we understand that time is valuable. That's why we have carefully designed our workshop sessions to maximise efficiency and enjoyment.
  • Catering & Drinks
  • Workshop
  • Team Activity
  • Fun & Bonding


& Welcome

(30 min)


Enter our vibrant venue and function room, where an exciting team-building activity awaits. Get comfortable and connect your phones to our loaner Bluetooth clickers. Indulge in a welcome drink and delectable catering by Sea Salt & Sage Catering, offering options like afternoon tea, canapés, or a delightful breakfast spread.

Interactive Workshop

(45 min)


Select a captivating workshop topic aligned with your team’s objectives. Our skilled facilitator will kickstart the session, creating an immersive and transformative experience. With your input, they will lead a tailored 45-minute interactive workshop on the chosen topic, ensuring your team’s specific needs are met while enjoying food and drinks.

Creative Challenge

(90 min)

Embark on exciting team challenges amidst our 20 captivating photo sets. Apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills as you collaborate, problem-solve, and unleash your creativity. Get ready to take on the challenge!

Closing Remarks

(15 min)

As the session concludes, our facilitator will deliver impactful closing remarks emphasizing the significance of team connection and collaboration. Unwind in our relaxed studio ambiance, mingle with your team, and savor a refreshing drink while enjoying each other’s company.

Workshop options

Choose your preferred workshop topic for your team bonding activity.

Content Marketing 101 by Eileen Abbott

Unlock the power of digital influence with our Content Marketing Workshop – crafted for mobile mastery. Dive into strategies tailored for handheld success, from captivating video techniques to social media trends. Join us to amplify your content creation skills and dominate the social landscape.

Speak with Confidence by Jaimie Abbott

Master the Art of Clear Communication: Learn techniques to communicate effectively, and captivate your audience with poise and clarity. Master persuasive communication, leave a lasting impression, and shine in personal meetings or on any stage or platform.

Team Productivity by Helen Mac

Ignite Team Optimism and Productivity: Foster daily optimism and enthusiasm within your team. Enhance goal-setting skills for better alignment, both individually and as a team. Unlock the keys to boosting productivity and achieving remarkable results.


Eileen Abbott
Eileen Abbott, a Social Media Marketing specialist, brings over 15 years of industry expertise. Armed with a degree in social media marketing, Eileen seamlessly combines photography and video editing skills to craft engaging content. Her unique approach focuses on entertaining, educating, and problem-solving for the audience. Eileen not only employs unconventional strategies but excels at building client trust while continually drawing in new ones. In the ever-changing realm of social media, her expertise shines in teaching professionals to craft compelling narratives on mobile phones.
Jaimie Abbott is an award-winning media professional and international keynote speaker and has spent two decades in the industry working as a Radio and TV Journalist, Political Media Adviser, Managing Director of her own public speaking and media training company and as a Communications Adviser for the Royal Australian Air Force. She was an elected Councillor on Port Stephens Council for over 4 years up until 2021. Jaimie has an MBA, a Master of Strategic People Management, A Bachelor of Communication and is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course.
With a Bachelor of Psychology followed by decades of experience developing leaders and team members around the Asia Pacific region, Helen has worked with thousands of people to improve the results in their businesses and their lives. She has authored and contributed to six books, and written & delivered hundreds of customised workshops & seminars. She is a sought-after business coach, facilitator, MC and speaker across a wide variety of industries and topics, tapping into her passion for maximising opportunities in businesses and people.


We offer different sessions throughout the day including a tailored catering option, provided by well-known Sea Salt & Sage Catering Newcastle.


50 cocktail size pieces 

One choice of the following:

  • Roasted vegetable frittata + bacon & egg tarts
  • Assorted pastries + mini muffins 
  • Mini BLT sandwiches 
  • Mini croissants + jam & mini bagels with smoked salmon + cream cheese

Assorted 5 pieces per person

  • Loaded focaccia with roasted vegetables + hummus or salami
    + tomato + basil 
  • Midwest chicken salad crostini 
  • Beetroot tart + goats cheese + walnut 
  • Cucumber, salmon + crème fraiche bite 
  • Blistered tomato tartan with feta & baby herbs. 
Afternoon Tea
  • assorted simple cake bites, house made biscuits + pastries (3 pieces per person)
  • fruit platter (assorted seasonal fruit)
Grazing Table

Focaccia, cracker bark, crackers, fresh and dried fruit, fresh vegetables, marinated vegetables, prosciutto, salami + ham, assorted binnorie cheeses, spreads + jams. 

Next Steps?

  1. To inquire, please fill out the form provided.
  2. You will receive our detailed price list for further information.
  3. Expect a phone call from us to discuss details, answer questions, and confirm availability.
  4. An email with an online booking agreement will be sent for you to sign and pay the deposit via credit card.
  5. Block your work calendars for your personalised 3-hour team bonding activity on the designated date.
  6. We will reach out 14 days prior to the event to confirm the guest count and provide a link for the remaining balance payment via email.

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